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From time to time, industry specific articles will be written and made available here. Should you wish to receive an emailed copy, please drop us an email via the contact details page.

Gearing Compliance for Tomorrow

An article written by Erica Steeman-Duncan published in Money Marketing (March 2015)

“TCF” (Treat Customers Fairly), “The 6 TCF Outcomes” and “Risk Based Assessments” are not buzzwords to be thrown around lightly and merely added to the compliance tick list. The implementation of TCF Principles and Risk Based Assessments requires the core element of authenticity to be compliant and is a reality that cannot be ignored.... Read more...


Are You "MAN" Enough?

An article written by Erica Steeman-Duncan (March 2014)

The February article looked at the changing focus in how Regulators are monitoring and measuring Financial Services Providers in South Africa and globally. In that article I ever so subtly challenged providers to take a good look at their business and assess whether their foundations were solid and sound. Mulling over this, I realise that there may be more resistance to taking this step than I first thought.

Accepting criticism is not easy...


Change, A Certainty

An article written by Erica Steeman-Duncan (February 2014).

The Financial Services Provider in South Africa finds itself in a very dynamic industry driven by consumer demand, technological advances, global trends and influences, product innovations, to name just a few factors. To top it all, the governance of the industry is just as dynamic and demands greater attention now than ever before.

Change is inevitable, the pace ever increasing, and to ignore it is to slowly self-destruct. Is your financial services business poised to embrace change and flexible enough to adapt to the ever evolving legislative environment? Are your business’s fundamentals solid and sound? When last did you actually check?  Read more...